What is NOT buying solar costing you?

Every day I speak to people that have been looking at solar for a really long time. Sometimes a year or more.

That inactivity is costing perhaps $1500-2000 per year.

Sometimes there’s a good reason for not buying… maybe you have shading, maybe you’re thinking of selling your house.  Those things might correctly stop you in your tracks.

But for a lot of people, the reasons are less concrete.

  1. Maybe they are looking for the best deal…
  2. Maybe they don’t know what they want
  3. Maybe they have been given conflicting advice, so they get stuck
  4. Maybe they are waiting for technology to change so they catch the ‘next wave’
  5. Maybe they think they need batteries in order to make solar viable.

I have heard some amazing stories about BAD explanations… last week someone told me they were worried about solar because they couldn’t use power at night. What?

So, bad explanations and bad advice can keep people trapped into inaction.

Here’s my suggestion… if you want an accurate cost for a system, and an accurate prediction of what it will save you… let’s talk.

We take things seriously, so we’ll ask for copies of your power bills to check the tariffs you’re on, and we’ll give you a roof plan along with a quote explaining what equipment we’d use, as well as a savings prediction. Our goal is accuracy. We don’t want to show you a ‘hopeful’ view of solar… we want you to have some certainty.

And, if your reason for not jumping into solar yet is about having the funds, there’s two other ways that we can help: 

  1. Green loans. These make investing in solar cashflow positive. It’s a simple process.
  2. Pay As You Go – we install solar at our expense, and you pay for the power which comes off that system. We measure usage, as well as export, and have a simple system to make this a great way to choose solar.

Our details are on the page, but my personal number is 0424 225 097.

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