Terms & Conditions For Solar Panel Install Sydney

  1. IQ Solar refers to IQ Solar Pty Ltd ABN 75 636 286 336 ACN 636 286 336 which operates from Unit 5, 31 Elizabeth St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164.
  2. A quote becomes an agreement if signed and returned electronically signed, and with the required deposit within the validity period.
  3. Your quote will include a site specific performance estimate of yield in KWh, and an estimate of savings that you should experience based upon installing solar. These are given based on our expertise in solar, and your information provided about patterns of consumption in your premises. Our estimates of yield are based upon site-specific conditions (obstacles, shading) as well as CEC System Design Guidelines for Accredited Designers, which take into account location, orientation and incline of panels, as well as system design and losses.
  4. IQ Solar reserves the right to cancel an agreement and refund the deposit, if it is unable to proceed (reasons may include stock issue, engineering issues, or circumstances on the property such as safety, access, shading, roof type etc).
  5. Refunds: If you cancel the order before installation, we shall refund your deposit less any costs of restocking products and reasonable costs. An installation that is significantly different to that quoted, and not approved, shall entitle you to a full refund. If the installation cannot be completed within the period offered in our quote, and agreed to, then you may cancel and receive a full refund. If we do not receive grid connection approval before installation, and that grid connection is subsequently not received then we may remove the system or offer a full refund.
  6. The price quoted is fully inclusive of all items including installation, with the exception of metering (mentioned below). Any extras taht arise will either be advised, and an amount agreed upon, or the cost will be borne by us(for example, moving a TV antenna).
  7. After the system in installed, you (the customer) are required to contact your energy retailer and advise them you have solar installed. They will then arrange for the meter to be changed or reprogrammed to measure exported power. This is excluded from our installation scope. We will assist in providing any information that your energy retailer may need from you.
  8. Your energy tariff may change as a result of installing solar power. We recommend that you contact your energy retailer to see if there are any implications around tariff changes.
  9. You should find out from your energy retailer the Feed In Tariff that they will offer you, and take this into consideration regarding your solar system purchase. It is your responsibility to ensure that your energy retailer is then applying the agreed tariff. Any tariff suggestions we make for modelling of savings are estimates only.
  10. All prices include GST unless otherwise stated.
  11. The quote is valid for 14 days unless otherwise stated.
  12. A deposit of 10% is payable to confirm the order. The balance is due on or before the day of installation.
  13. We will not substitute panels or inverters for other models without asking you and obtaining consent. Any amendment to the agreed size of system, panel position, panel choice or inverter choice will be communicated in writing and must be signed off by the consumer prior to install.
  14. Email or text approvals shall be considered ‘in writing’, and we will confirm any verbal approvals in writing so that we have a record of any discussions about changes to a system.
  15. You acknowledge that you own the property and have authority to allow solar to be installed.
  16. You will allow IQ Solar to make an application on your behalf to the grid owner (DNSP) for a permission to connect.
  17. You will allow IQ Solar and its installers access to your property to install.
  18. You will assign the STC rights of the system to IQ Solar or its agents to allow the value of this ”rebate” to offset the cost of the system. IQ Solar offers the value of the STCs as a point of sale discount to the purchaser, and we then trade these STCs through a clearing house/broker. Your obligation for the STCs is simply to assign them to IQ Solar or our agent. You are offered a price as per our quote to you, and this amount is taken as a point of sale discount against the full price.
  19. Warranties are covered by the manufacturers, distributors, and importers of the equipment. In the event of a warranty claim, IQ Solar will review the issue and assist with any replacements or repair work.
  20. IQ Solar will give you a warranty of five years on the operation and performance of the whole PV System, including workmanship and products. This includes the ongoing operation of the system. It excludes a specific yield of kWh, which is weather dependent, unless you have selected that option in our quote (‘the Performance Guarantee’). Our performance guarantee, if offered is that the system will produce at least 90% of the intended kWh output outlined in our quote.
  21. IQ Solar warrants that the system will comply with all relevant Australian standards, codes of practice, CEC guidelines, building codes, and legislative requirements relevant at the time.
  22. IQ Solar will remedy at its cost any damage to property caused by installing the system, if notified within a 3 month period of installation.
  23. None of these clauses remove your rights under Australian consumer law.
  24. We will configure your monitoring for you. The monitoring will need to access your wifi network in order to have data available in the cloud. If you change your router settings (wifi password) the monitoring will cease to function). We can assist with troubleshooting if needed. If your signal is weak and can’t reach the inverter location, we can suggest some options (repeaters) but that will be at your expense.
  25. Pricing for solar systems is quoted after a deduction for STC’s and assumes STC’s are assigned to IQ Solar or our agent on installation.
  26. Our work excludes meter box upgrades and provision of a smart meter. A client will engage their energy retailer to change meters or reprogram an existing smart meter.
  27. Any additional meter box work is a separate charge. If your meter board has an asbestos backing sheet this may require and upgrade. We will make the difference between an estimate and a quote clear. An estimate is an educated guess. A quote is specific and binding. An estimate may change due to unseen factors such as cable sizes previoulsy unknown to us, or asbestos being present.
  28. IQ Solar will endeavour to not break any tiles. If tiles are broken, we can replace them (if you have spares) or repair them. If breakages exceed your spare tiles, we can assist in sourcing new tiles but this is at the owner’s expense. Some tiles such as terracotta will always incur breakages. Many roofs incur no breakages. If in doubt, please ask us.
  29. GST is included in the price above and is calculated on the full value of the system before any adjustment for STCs
  30. We will abide by the requirements of the Clean Energy Council code of conduct found here: https://assets.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/documents/approved-solar-retailers/approved-solar-retailer-code-ofconduct.pdf (https://assets.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/documents/approved-solar-retailers/approved-solar-retailercode-of-conduct.pdf)
  31. If your contract with IQ Solar is the result of an unsolicited sale (see here (https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/salesdelivery/telemarketing-door-to-door-sales/unsolicited-consumer-agreements) for meaning) then you will be entitled to a cooling off period (if by an unsolicited telephone sale, or door knocking). If applicable, you can exercise your right to cancel within the cooling off period and your deposit will be returned.
  32. If you wish the Invoice to be made out to a business please advise us when ordering.
  33. Dispute resolution: We take any feedback and complaints against us very seriously, and these will be addresses by the owners of the company personally. This may include, but not be limited to: workmanship, product performance, system performance, staff behaviour, or other. To raise an issue please email Stuart Gordon on stuart@iqsolar.com.au or call him personally on 0424 225 097. We’ll respond promptly, at least within 48 hours to advise you on our path for fixing any issues. Your complaint / issue will be logged and recorded, and we will aim for a full resolution within a maximum of 45 days. If you are unhappy with the resolution you may escalate the issue to the Clean Energy Council’s Code Administrator or to NSW Fair rtrading PO Box 972 Parramatta NSW 2124 Telephone 13 20 20 or fairtrading.gov.au
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