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Our Guarantee to you

Did you know that after 4 to 5 years, many systems are performing at less than half of what was promised?

Often, the owners of those systems don’t even know there is a problem – they have long since stopped checking, and there was monitoring system in place to start with (other than looking at the inverter).

This is because of poor installation, poor equipment, lack of monitoring, and sometimes, poor initial assessment. Often, a solar company will overstate the potential of the system in order to make it seem attractive, and to lock in a sale.

We’ve decided to offer you a guarantee on what the system will do. This might seem strange, to guarantee what the sun will do, but it’s not really. In commercial solar, this is something that a few reputable companies do. We can do it because we are able to model the output of a system and weather patterns are somewhat predictable. We guarantee that you’ll get at least 90% of the intended output.

This means we need to:

  • Make an accurate initial prediction (which means it’s not ‘wishful’)
  • Build it well, using high quality components and installation
  • Put in the monitoring system that will let you (and us) see what the system is doing
  • Monitor and report on the expected v actual on a regular basis to you.
  • Fix it if it’s not performing

You’ll get great value, and a known outcome. No risks

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