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What a battery will do for you

What a home battery can do: Basically it can do 2 things. The first is shift energy from when it is created by solar for use later. The second is (depending on the battery)

Is it worth talking about batteries?

This is such an interesting subject because people who sell a lot of batteries typically don’t do it by proving value. They pull on two emotional strings… 1. 

Finance for solar power

A lot of times when I mention finance for solar power,  people quickly brush away the subject, as if it is a terrible idea. Or, that they don’t need it, how could I

What angle is best for solar panels?

There’s an old line that says ‘ the best camera is the one you have with you’, and roofs are a bit the same. You can’t wish for a different roof. 

What solar panels should you choose?

The question that I’m asked most often about solar is what type of panels do you use. And I think that the reason people ask this is that it’s the most obviou

Do batteries make sense for your solar system?

I want to talk about batteries. And the question is whether or not batteries make sense for somebody putting solar on their home. And batteries are a hot topic. There’s

How much of my power bill I can eliminate?

I want to talk about how much of your bill you could expect to eliminate. So, this is going to dive into a little bit of a technical area, so bear with me. So, there’s a

How much will solar save you?

I want to talk to you about how much you could expect to save from solar power. Why this matters? The price is only half of equation Normally, when people look at solar

How we analyse commercial solar?

Hi, my name’s Stuart from IQ Solar. And I want to explain to you how we do a business case analysis for commercial solar. And why you should care. So the reaso

What an inverter does and types of inverter

What are inverters? I want to discuss inverters and what they do, and three choices that we’ve got when we’re talking about inverters with a solar system. So ju

Made in China - is that an issue?

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to someone about solar and they said, “Mate, I don’t want any of that Chinese crap.” So, I want to talk about that Chine

Optimizing vs Maximizing system sizes

I want to cover a couple of terms that I use quite often called optimizing or maximizing. And these are about the system size that we put on your roof. So, just as a very quic

Oversizing inverters

I want to talk about the concept of clipping or oversizing of inverters. So what this is about is you typically put more panels on a system than the actual writing o

Some definitions - kWh and kW

I want to cover a definition of a couple of terms that everybody uses when they are talking about solar. And people get these wrong, even people in the industry use them incor

To tilt or not to tilt solar panels?

So the question is, to tilt or not to tilt? And what I’m referring to is putting panels on a framing system that is either parallel to the roof, so flush to the roo

Warranties in solar systems

I want to talk about warranties that come with a solar system. So this gets a little bit bitsy because there’s a variety of components, you’ve got the pa

What angle should solar panels be at?

Hey, it’s Stuart from IQ Solar. I am going to be doing a quick run-through, looking at a few systems in order to explain the best angles that you would use for inst

What are STCS?

So people often ask about the government rebate for solar. I want to clarify something, first of all, technically it’s not a rebate. It kinda looks like a

What happens to a solar in a blackout?

So I want to talk about what happens to solar during a blackout. There’s a very short answer, and that is that it stops. It does not continue to power your home. Th

What system size shall I get?

So I want to talk about the question of what size system you should get for your house. So the way I see it is this, there’s basically three factors. One

Why people promote 6.6kW systems?

I want to talk about why everybody is advertising 6.6 kilowatt solar systems at the moment. If you’ve been looking at solar, all the advertised prices that you

Why people don't buy solar?

I want to cover why people don’t buy solar. So there’s a couple of good reasons actually. So one of them is… Good reasons migh

What is the solar rebate change from 2020 to 2021?

It’s the time of year where everyone thinks about solar, and it’s a bit like musical chairs: you are walking around, and the music stops… then you can&rs

Why do people offer 6.6kW solar systems?

Hi, my name’s Stuart from IQ Solar, and I want to talk about why people advertise 6.6 kW systems in Sydney, and if you’ve been looking at solar for any period of t

10 facts about the STC solar 'rebate'

Hi, my name’s Stuart from IQ Solar, and I want to talk to you about the solar rebate. Now, technically, it’s not called a rebate, but it kind of walks like a duck

The trap of "interest free" money in solar power

Hey, my name’s Stuart from IQ Solar and I want to talk to you about the appeal of interest-free loans for solar power, or I should say false appeal, because there’

Mistakes people make when buying solar systems in Sydney

Hey, my name is Stuart from IQ Solar, and I want to cover five mistakes that people make when they are looking at buying solar systems. So the first mistake that people mak

Reasons not to choose the cheapest solar systems

I want to talk about why people buy cheap solar systems in Sydney. Solar can be complicated. It certainly has lots of details. It’s not intuitive. And in my experience,

What is NOT buying solar costing you?

Every day I speak to people that have been looking at solar for a really long time. Sometimes a year or more. That inactivity is costing perhaps $1500-2000 per year.

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