What a battery will do for you

What a home battery can do: Basically it can do 2 things.

The first is shift energy from when it is created by solar for use later. The second is (depending on the battery), that in the event of a blackout it will provide power to the home.

This can be the whole home, or just selected circuits. A bonus third thing that some batteries do... such as a Tesla Powerwall, or a Sungrow system is that in the event of a blackout, they will allow your solar to continue to function, therefore providing power to the home or the battery (without this, your solar will cease to work if there is no grid supply)

For an analysis on what a battery might save you, we need to look at a few things:

  • Your pattern of consumption
  • How much solar you produce
  • How much solar you export
  • What you are paid as a feed in tariff
  • What you pay for power in different time periods

Please contact Stuart Gordon on stuart@iqsolar.com.au and share a power bill to get an analysis

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